How We Help Fix Your Credit…


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Credit Restoration is not a quick fix. It takes an effort to improve your credit score. We will make that effort with you.

We use the current law to assist you. No tricks, just the facts and the law. It Is your rights.

Our efforts are designed to help fully inform you on how this Credit Repair program can and will work for you. We will become your partner in your effort to restore your credit to a level that will save you significant amounts of money in reduced payments because of an improved credit score.

This is not just a service we are offering but a partnership in a cause. You have the right to control your credit score and not be victimized by your credit report.

Please note: This not a quick fix that just attempts to hide a credit problem. We take a professional approach in solving your credit issues. That is why when we become your partners in this effort, the average time it will take depending on your credit history is, about 3-6 months. But remember, this is a permanent solution approach, not the gimmick approach.